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Freeware Files, Full PC Games and Freebies

SundryTools.com is an extensive collection of freeware files, free full version PC games, sundry freebies, IT resources and other things you can find on the Internet.

More than often I’ve search the web for freeware files, only to find games and software free to try, but only for a limited time or with limited functions. Like anti-spyware applications you may use for scanning your computer, but to actually remove the threats found, you have to pay for it. A lot freeware files also needs a registration, and the risk of receiving spam, are great. There are also an extensive use of false advertising on the Internet, and it’s only after you’ve installed the freeware files you realize it doesn’t do what it’s meant to do.

Collection of Freeware Files

With the free software I’ve found, that is actually free, I’ve made an extensive collection of the best freeware files, free full version PC games, sundry freebies, and other little known freeware. All freeware files has been tested free of spyware and other threats. You won’t receive spam either, as a result of registration, and foremost, they’re all 100% free, with no hidden costs.

Free Cloud Software, Online Services & Resources

In addition to downloadable freeware files I’ve added a collection of Cloud Freeware. Here you can find a collection of free cloud software & online games, online services & tools, online resources, and other free tools available in the cloud.

My Freeware Files

For years I’ve been developing freeware files myself, and I’m currently working on two projects:

  • SundryTools XV: A multi-functional tool, with several unique features, including a Gracenote CDDB.
  • PasteCopy.NET: A fully automated free portable Windows Clipboard Manager with multilingual support.

* SundryTools (sun’dre) adj. Various; miscellaneous

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  1. Sundry Tools sounds like exactly the program I was looking for to organize my music files. However, I have downloaded it, and don’t know where to go from here to find all the music on my hard drive. Music search does nothing apparently. Do you have step-by-step instructions for getting started?

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